Benefits of Using Motion-Sensor Light Switches

When it comes to ways to reduce consumption and impact on the Earth, there are many changes that you can make to your own home that not only allow you to consume with more environmental consciousness, but have additional benefits for you. For example, finding ways to curb electricity use is not only good for the environment, but can actually save money and benefit you in other ways!

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#Trees4Earth: Earth Day April 22, 2016

Earth Day has become a prevalent movement towards a sustainable Earth by addressing key global environmental issues such as climate change. It is more than just a day where we appreciate our earth; it’s a drive towards protecting our planet for future generations.

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Eco Feminine: Environmentalism's Identity Crisis

Why is environmentalism considered feminine?

If we stop to think, we all know that environmentalism is not inherently feminine. So why are so many eco-heroes actually heroines? Where did all the men go? Beyond a few larger than life figures, such as Al Gore or Jeff Bridges, most of the hard-core, hands in the dirt, changing entrenched systems, environmentalists are women. Some men have even been quoted saying that the simple sustainable act of carrying a reusable bag is embarrassing because it’s “mostly women who do it” (The New York Times). Why, in the name of all that is good and green, is sustainability taboo for men?

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The Carbon Footprint of Household Cleaners

Knowledge and awareness are key aspects in reducing your carbon footprint. By understanding the contents of the products you are using, it becomes much easier to make carbon-friendly choices in your own home. Because of this, practicing DIY-style green cleaning with simple ingredients that you can pick and choose from yourself can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It can also be fun, crafty and eco-friendly!

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To build or to buy - Could green energy providers be a better option than home solar

It has never been difficult to see the green benefits of solar energy over billowing smokestacks, yet Canada remains behind in the adoption of solar power in the homes of its citizens, despite the fact that renewable power has arguably never been more accessible or necessary for the adoption of sustainable energy practices.

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The Eco-Friendly Scoop on Doggy Bags: Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Pawprint

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience. Not only does petting a dog reduce your blood pressure, but also dogs in general, make wonderful companions. Any new dog owner knows the trials and tribulations involved with raising your new pet. Dogs need constant guidance and affection, requiring hours of playtime and long walks, not to mention, picking up after them.

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Eco-fashion, the fashion industry's answer to help combat climate change?

There is a strong relationship between fashion and climate change, the fashion industry has a direct impact on our environment. The billion dollar fashion and apparel industry is the one of the largest polluters of our clean water supply. The fashion industry uses extensive amounts of the Earth's natural resources, such as water (second largest industry user of water) cotton and other raw materials. Approximately 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the globe to turn raw materials into the textiles that are used to make our clothes and accessories.

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Why City-Dwellers Do Have Time to Exercise

Vigorously hurried days are commonplace in the city, and getting in a workout is often the last thing on our extensive to-do lists. But what if exercise wasn’t a line-item to check-off? What if exercise was the means of checking everything else off? Now, before you run away, (after all, that would also be exercise), let me assure you I don’t mean mini-workouts. This is not a guide for “15 Minutes to a Toned Abs.” Phew! Walk away from the spandex, and put on your favorite lived-in shoes.

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