Cities around the world aiming to go 100% renewable – let’s support the transition!

A number of environmental milestones including the Paris 2015 climate deal have officially placed climate action on the global agenda. In addition to the green initiatives governments worldwide are implementing, we’re seeing a new trend in progressive urban planning. Municipalities across the globe are reconfiguring their transportation and energy sectors, committing to 100% renewable energy targets in an effort to secure a more sustainable future.


Household Solar Panels: Reducing carbon footprints and electricity bills in the United States

Over the last five years, the United States has experienced a tremendous increase in the usage of solar energy as an alternative renewable energy resource. In 2013, the number of solar installations increased by 42% from 2012 and comprised 29% of all new electrical installations, an increase from the 10% reported in 2012 by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The years preceding continued the trend as 2015 saw a 30% increase from 2014 and an additional $18 billion invested into solar energy technology.


Buying Chocolate for V-Day? Buy Eco-friendly Organic Chocolate

It is almost Valentine’s day !!! What are you planning on getting your Valentine ??? Chocolate? Of course you have to get them chocolate because when you think Valentine’s Day you think chocolate and ALOT of it. However have you ever thought about what you are supporting when you buy chocolate; such as, child slavery in the chocolate industry or unsustainable farming methods?? In this article I will be talking about child labor and unsustainable farming methods in the chocolate industry.


Impact Investing and Saving: Planting Your Dollar

Let’s start this article off with an overview of a trend that has recently been on my mind: impact investing.

First, what is it?

The traditional role of investment hasn’t changed here. Investments are intended to preserve and grow capital. However, other goals are introduced when investing in companies with environmentally and socially progressive policies and products. Investors shift their assessments from only monetary performance to a broader perspective termed the Triple Bottom Line,.


Tired of a White Winter? Try a Green Winter Instead!

Here we are, at the start of a new year. Already half of January has gone by, and winter is starting to establish its grip in Montreal. Despite temperatures dropping below zero, snow and freezing ice pouring down on us, it is still possible to think about the environment. We can start this New Year by having an eco-friendly winter. All that needs being done is changing a few common winter habits.

Habit: Starting your car/idling


A Thriving Gift Economy in Vancouver

Vancouver is consistently rated near the top of many respectable lists for most desireable or highest quality of life cities in the world (ranked 5 th in 2014 by Mercer [1]). While its diverse culture is a standard offering in major Canadian cities, the awe inspiring nature at its doorstep is what sets it apart from the rest.

Meanwhile, Vancouver was also recently ranked the most expensive city to live in in Canada [2] and second in housing unaffordability in the world, after Hong Kong [3].


Environmentally Friendly Cooking Tips

Do you love to cook?? Do you love being environmentally friendly ??? Well there is a way for you to be environmentally friendly while you are cooking!! We have all heard, BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL !! BUT there are more things which you can do in the kitchen and while you are cooking which helps the environment. The environment needs our help and we have to try to do as much as we can to help the environment.


Maximize your New Years Resolutions – join the pledge to go green in 2016

If you’re anything like the rest of us New-Year Resolutioners, you’re likely (hopefully) well on your way to ditching your old 2015 habits, and working towards a healthier, wealthier, happier, you! With the holidays behind us, most of us are trying to lose those extra pounds or finding ways to spend less money; but have you considered really turning a new leaf, and going green in 2016?


Heating homes efficiently

With the first substantial snowfall in Montreal last week and temperatures dropping below zero, you might have cranked up the heating at home. In 2009, Canadians spent $26.8 billion on household energy needs, and almost two thirds of this energy was used for space heating. Nearly half of Canadian households used natural gas as their main heating fuel in 2007, emitting not only warmth but also greenhouse gases. Whether it be natural gas, electricity, wood, heating oil or propane, there are a number of ways to prepare your home for winter and to reduce your energy needs.


3 reasons to add some cricket crunch to your plate

On the menu tonight: toasts with cricket spread, spaghetti alla locust and mealworm brownie. Feeling a bit nauseous? You’d better get used to it, because eating bugs is the future. And by that I mean the near future. Why? Well, it’s good for you and the planet. And it’s tasty too!



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