ASK WYI: Tis the season to go green! Part 1

I asked my friends if they would pose questions to me about having a "green Christmas" - what would they like to know about implementing a little "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" during the holiday season?  WELL! I was greeted with a cavalcade of questions, testimonials, and discussion!  This is Part 1; I'll post Part 2 next week.

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Pico Farmers Market - Santa Monica, California

There are four outdoor farmers’ markets in the city of Santa Monica. Geographically, two are held in the busy downtown shopping restrict, while two are held in the neighborhood of Santa Monica. By schedule, one is on weekday and three are weekends. They all open year round, no matter what the weather is.

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Celebrate sustainable and local food products on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is generally known as the celebration of the ceremonial meal between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims in the new world.  Centuries later when thinking about this momentous gathering that North Americans celebrate every year, food is most likely the first thing that comes to people's mind.  This year, besides the turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, maybe we should take time to think about that first Thanksgiving and where the food served there came from. 

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How many ways can you use a pumpkin?

Trick or treat! Fall weather brings a holiday that celebrates creativity: Halloween. From the costumes to the snacks, Halloween is a time to shine for enthusiastic families worldwide. However, don’t get caught up in all the excitement and forget that it can also be a time to think conscientiously about the environment.

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Time on your hands during the fall?

During the rainy, cooler months I find myself slowing down a bit, reading, and watching movies. This is also a great time to plan for travel and events! Traveling out of the country does have an environmental impact. Commercial airliners are becoming more efficient, but how can we travel and see the amazing things we want to see without dirtying the air?? Reducing the amount you travel by air in or out of the country by one or two trips a year can make a difference.

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No junk mail please! Some tips on stopping flyers and unsolicited ad mail in Toronto

It is no secret that Toronto residents' mailboxes are stuffed with unaddressed mail that ends up in the recycling (if lucky). The amount of unsolicited ad mail in the city has grown exponentially and is starting to become a problem when its transportation, distribution, and eventual disposal is considered. The junk mail tactic doesn't seem to be fruitful as most people have a very passive reaction to it and end up throwing it out without even considering its offers.

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How to start your compost bin and start composting the easy way

Sometimes the last few bites of a meal are just too much to finish, too little to save for later, but too delicious to throw in the garbage.  Luckily there is a solution to this problem that puts both your belly and your mind at ease.  Composting leftover scraps of food such as fruit and vegetable skins, coffee grounds, tea bags and many other natural food items is a way to reduce trash sent to landfills and create fertile soil that can be in turn used to help plants and flowers flourish.  This activity takes the recycling movement a step f

Read time: 3 mins



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