Shopping Your Local Farmers Market Can Be Healthy For the Earth Too

Going to a local farmers’ market can be great for many reasons. First it is a great way to support local farms and small businesses, since most farmers’ markets today are a myriad of food and craft vendors.  Shopping at farmers’ markets means fresh food, and consequently eating healthy meals. But buying food at your local farm stand can also mean less waste- food waste, packaging, and energy- if you are willing to contribute. Here are some simple ways for you to feed you, your family and friends healthy meals while reducing your carbon footprint.


Cooking or Baking for the Holidays? Buy Local !

It is the holiday season and that means ALOT of eating. If you are baking and cooking for the holiday season, buy local groceries ! There are MANY benefits to buying local groceries. In this article I explore the drawbacks of not buying local groceries then I go into the many benefits of buying local groceries and then I share some grocery stores which carry local groceries.


COP 21 and Canada: What You Need to Know

For the next two weeks, Canada and over 190 countries will take part in the 21st Conference of Parties (COP 21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Despite security concerns amidst events in France, the conference will be held in Paris and will aim to fight climate change through international action and a united framework from all actors involved. Since 1992, there has been an effort by the UN to act on global climate change.


A double whammy, updating your health and minimizing your environmental impact via your fridge

When it comes to assessing (and reducing!) your impact, we encourage each environmentalist to look at all aspects of their life. Most of what we do consumes energy, and thus nearly everything we do can be put under the WYI microscope and this certainly includes eating. In fact, agriculture is a much more significant contributor to global emissions than you might think, and coupled with forestry it is a close second only to electricity and heat generation.1


Hand Wash Clothes Effortlessly - All While Saving the Earth

Hand Wash Clothes Effortlessly All While Saving the Earth

Trying to hand wash clothes used to be complicated but new products on the market make that super easy. Its gentler on your clothes and also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by almost half a ton. You may be surprised to find out just how satisfying and empowering hand washing your laundry can be! We have come a long way from the old fashioned washboard and communal laundering. The convenience of today’s modern washers and dryers has changed our lives for the better, allowing more time for family and leisure activities.


Organic Makeup: Should You Make The Switch?

Have you ever thought about making the switch to organic makeup? Well you should seriously consider making the switch because our skin absorbs the makeup we use and if you use makeup, which has alot of irritants you can suffer from the side effects. According to the article,” Why Switch to All Natural Cosmetics?” by Lori Stryker, it states, skin has the remarkable ability to absorb applied products, partially or completely, into the bloodstream. Up to 60% of the products we use on our skin are absorbed and deposited into the circulatory system. Cosmetics penetrate the skin to some degree.


Benefits of public transportation: Calling all Montréal commuters

Urban transit first came to Montréal in 1861, when the Montréal City Passenger Railway Company (MCPRC) was created and the first line of horse-drawn tramways began to operate on today’s Notre-Dame Street. At five-cents a ride, taking advantage of the 10 km network was something that only the elite could afford. The population of the Greater Montréal area is now (as of 2011) 3.8 million, more than half of which can be found on the Island of Montréal.


A menstrual cup? Is that what is sounds like? Gross.

This is a fairly typical response when first introduced to the idea of a menstrual cup. I’ll admit, it isn’t pretty. No one likes to imagine a reusable vaginal insert that collects the menstrual fluid. But let’s be real – vaginal bleeding isn’t (and never will be) pretty – so let’s start by dropping the shame around menstruation. And once we’ve gotten over that, we can address something that’s a lot less pretty: the amount of waste that half the population is producing in relation to their monthly cycle.



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