‘Tis the season to be green! Happy eco shopping!

 Time to strut your stuff by picking out great eco-friendly gifts! Don’t know where to go? Not sure what to get? Why not check out our blog series on Green Gift-Giving, you’ll be sure to find fantastic tips to help get you started. And hey – if you’ve got any green gift-giving ideas or been to an eco-savvy shop – why not share this info with Montreal’s green community by posting them here on our blog.

Happy shopping!

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Green Gift-Giving - Part X: Responsible New Jewelry

If you’re considering purchasing a diamond jewel for a beloved one this holiday season, you may want to  consider Canadian damonds for a good reason.

African countries have long suffered from the trade of what is known as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds.  These diamonds have been sold in order to fund armed conflict and civil war mainly in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. It is estimated these conflicts have caused the loss of 3.7 million lives..

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Christmas carpooling

During the holidays, everyone is running from one party to the next. Many of us do it with our families (such beautiful moments!). However, if you have an uncle or a cousin who travels alone, tell them about carpooling! You will no doubt find a lift to get to your destination on one of these four websites:

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Reduce, reuse, recycle = Upcycling!

What’s the newest trend for those who are eco-savvy and looking for something fresh? Upcycling! What’s this? Upcycling is taking things that would normally end up in people’s garbage and using them to make trendy, super cool pieces of art, household goods or useful items.

For example, by taking an old-time radio and converting some of its parts, voila! You end up with a sexy new clock! Or, taking a bunch of recycled flyers in order to make a colorful bag… Or even creating sushi trays from old wine bottles!

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Ecoholic or the art of being an Eco warrior

If you feel like you've explored every possible way to be more green, well think again and check out Adria Vasil's book: 'Ecoholic; Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada'. Her book is full of imaginative and original tips and tricks to help you take care of your house in a more planet-friendly way. You'll learn what to buy and what not to, from bathroom cleaning to baby diapers, from home renovations to office supplies, from pet care to fertilizing your garden.

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Green mommy; eco-friendly diapers

The most eco-friendly diaper available is Gdiapers. They are 100% biodegradable, flushable and they are not chlorine bleached or contain no perfume. Plus, they are made in the USA. They are made to be composted, flushed or tossed.                                                                                                                                   

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Buy Loose-Leaf Tea

While drinking tea can be one of the best decisions you can make for your body, it can have adverse effects on the environment.    When you buy tea that is typically sold in single-serving bags, it usually comes in a great deal of packaging.  The tea itself comes in a small bag (usually made of paper) along with a string and a piece of paper on the end.  These indivual bags are then held together in a larger plastic wrapping which is sold inside of a small box (usually made of cardboard).  Individually, the amounts of paper, plastic, and cardboard are negligible.  However, if you consume ju

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A Vineyard Adventure, Not Too Far From Home / Une aventure viticole vous attend près de chez vous!

Ontario has an abundance of vineyards, many producing wines qualified for the classification under Ontario's appellation system, the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA), guaranteeing the high quality and authenticity of origin for Canadian wine, produced from 100% Ontario grapes.

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