Reducing the number of cars in our driveway, do the pros outweigh the cons?

Do you actually need two-three cars in your garage? Or your family might easily survive with one car as well? Those of you who have two or more than two cars, have you ever thought about sharing a car or downsizing to just one. Many of you who have more than two cars in your family, how much you drive all of your cars. I have seen people who hardly ever drive their second car. It’s usually just sitting there for days or even weeks at a time without being used in their garage or parking lots.


How can I have a healthier home? Less toxic products and less plastic waste!

If you are looking ways to buy smart so you can help fight climate change, consider purchasing fewer household cleaning products. Despite the constant commercial messaging from behemoth consumer product companies hawking the new-and-improved, extra-added cleaning power of their latest offerings, you don’t need that much cleaning power—or a different specialized product for every task.


5 green tips for your summer backyard bash

Summer has finally arrived, which means that the weather is finally allowing us to throw our much beloved backyard patio parties. Planning a get-together with friends and family involves preparing supplies, food, beverages, games and sometimes even decorations (if we are getting really fancy). Although it is tempting to take a more convenient route and head to a nearby dollar store to get paper plates and plastic cutlery, or going to a fast food restaurant for a quick and ready meal, those are not the most green options.


Have you tried the five minute shower challenge?

If you watch the news or read the newspaper you will learn about the terrible drought in California. This is the fourth year California is in a severe drought. California Governor Jerry Brown announced a drought State of Emergency in January 2015 and ordered strict conservation measures statewide. On May 5, 2015 California water regulators ordered tough restrictions on residents' use of water. Californians are required to cut their water usage up to 35 percent or they will face harsh fines under proposed new rules.


What's the environmental impact of growing your own food?

Buying locally grown food is a great way to minimize your environmental impact, and growing your own food takes that idea one step further. You might be surprised by the effect even a small vegetable garden can have on your carbon footprint. Here’s a simple calculation to show just how much energy you might be able save with your garden.


What you need to know about global food waste

These days it’s hard to read through the news without hearing about the doom and gloom of climate change. The glaciers are melting. The coal reefs are dying. Rampant tropical deforestation is pumping tones of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It seems little can be done to mitigate these problems. One issue that often goes under the radar is food waste. It’s not only an environmental issue, but social and economic issues as well.

What are the benefits of farmer harvest share programs?

Joining a harvest share program is a wonderful way to buy local and help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. A commitment to community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a commitment to local food diversity and sustainable farming practices, as well as to eating fresh, wholesome, delicious food.


Home-grown vegetables in a self-sufficient system? Aquaponics!

Have you ever wanted to grow vegetables/herbs in your home without needing to add fertilizers? Then the answer is aquaponics! I discovered this cool little set-up while having a coffee in my local organic co-op. Being a lover of both plants and fish, I was immediately drawn to the fish tank situated under a vegetable bed in the corner of this quaint café . After inquiring with the shopowner, he informed me it was an aquaponics set-up.


Art’s Growing Relationship with the Environment

Today, we are facing a serious global challenge wherein everyone should be aware of climate change. It affects you, me, our loved ones and the future generations. We only have one planet to live in, one home, which caters all our needs. Certainly, it is a privilege to be in an environment accurately conducive to live in; thus it should not be taken for granted.



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