Why is Japan turning back on climate change at the 11th hour?

This fall, world leaders will gather in Paris at the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference. Climate experts see this as a critical meeting that could make or break our chance at fighting climate change. As it stands, 34 nations have submitted their INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution). Japan, a top emitter of greenhouse gas emissions and the 3rd largest economy in the world, home of the Kyoto Protocol, has ignored the end-of-March deadline. So what’s the hold up?


No Water in the West: Climate Change and How to Combat the California Drought

Most of us know about the relentless California drought, at least in passing – we’ve seen the harrowing before/after pictures, heard the pleas of the mayor to the city to use less water, read about the lowering of the water table and the dry reservoirs. The incredible severity and length of the current drought are incontrovertible – California is entering its fourth year of record-breaking low rainfall and high temperatures, and this past year has been the state’s hottest and driest.


Can reducing your consumption of meat really help save the world?

Reducing carbon emissions can be carried out on all levels. This could range from governments implementing new legislature attempting to curb emissions, state agencies adopting new programs and localities implementing energy efficient regulations on future projects. But have you considered the individual level plays just as an important role in the fight verse climate change? Have you thought about changing your diet to help reduce carbon emissions significantly?


How can I make a green Mother's Day card?

Did you ever consider creating a one-of-a-kind Mother's Day card with your own hands? For many years Shoppers and Hallmark were places I went to for greeting cards. I enjoyed browsing their well-lined stacks and picked the cards that matched up to how I imagined expressions should go. But no matter how close the design was to my expectation, it's never exactly the same; I always felt something was missing.


Spring Cleaning – Earth Scale

Spring is slowly creeping up upon us and with it comes the hidden “treasures” that winter has covered up.  These treasures range from a whole assortment of garbage and recyclable objects.  Now just like the spring cleaning one embarks on inside one’s home, outside the home is no different.  It is time to get your clean on, Earth scale. 


How to love Mother Earth on Earth Day?

How do you define love? If you ask me, love is selfless to that point wherein one would give everything without asking anything in return. Being generous demonstrates love. When we love, we continuously express affection and care to show what we truly feel. We help our loved ones become better persons. Also, we do not wish them harm; instead, we protect and provide for them. Have you experienced this kind of love? I have. I feel the love of our Mother Earth.


Act on Climate March – April 11th at 1 PM in Québec City

Canada’s premiers are meeting up in Québec City on April 14th to discuss climate change issues. This is an opportune moment for the public to show up with their message: YES to climate protection, NO to expanding Canada’s tar sands and pipelines and YES to just, green, renewable energy.


Think Global, Act Local With “Solarize” Campaigns

“Solarize” campaigns are a growing grassroots movement to bring the benefits of solar energy to residential communities through collective purchasing agreements. The Solarize movement began in one neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, in 2009 and has now spread to more than 150 communities throughout Portland and across Oregon and the rest of the United States.


Green Infrastructure (GI): The ecological framework needed for environmental, social and economic sustainability

What is GI?

GI is an interconnected network of natural (e.g. waterways, wetlands, forests) and semi-natural (e.g. parks, farms, conservation lands) areas that conserves ecosystem services as well as provides additional benefits to human populations.  Some benefits of ecosystem services are: carbon storage, clean air and water and pollination (European Commission 2013; Benedict & McMahon 2006).

Green Power: Have you heard of Liter of Light?

Can you ever think of a day in your life wherein you didn’t need electricity? Maybe just when you had camping trips when you were a kid. But then your flashlights still needed batteries and even your walkie-talkies to communicate with other campers. Electricity was one of the best inventions that everyone should be thankful for. Thank you, Benjamin Franklin for flying a kite on that certain day!



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