Art’s Growing Relationship with the Environment

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Today, we are facing a serious global challenge wherein everyone should be aware of climate change. It affects you, me, our loved ones and the future generations. We only have one planet to live in, one home, which caters all our needs. Certainly, it is a privilege to be in an environment accurately conducive to live in; thus it should not be taken for granted.

Do you realize that it starts with you? The more we go about our daily lives trying to compensate for the damages brought about by the greediness and ignorance of mankind, the more lives we save! If you believe we have the responsibility to protect our home, share it to people. With being aware, we learn and start participating in protecting the environment at the expense of gradually changing our daily activities. One of the simplest ways to fight climate change is to start raising awareness about the global issue. Raising awareness will influence other people in choosing to protect and love the earth.

The big question is how. “How do we raise awareness about climate change? How do we capture the hearts of people to help protect and love the earth?"

Yes, voicing out your stand and being a living example greatly aids in raising awareness. You allow people to listen to you and understand you. And by being a great example, you inspire others on how beneficial it is to live in the most sustainable, healthy and environmental-friendly way.

Moreover, it is also possible to raise awareness on an issue through art. Art serves as a powerful medium of influence throughout the years. Many artists and performers express their deepest desires and passions through their works like songs, poems, paintings, and dances. Art has the power to change and inspire man through its beauty and message. The artists and performers draw messages through their art to capture the hearts of other people.

Just a month ago, a group of artists inspired millions of people with their performance. From the Philippines, EL GAMMA PENUMBRA captured the hearts of many as they channeled their message through art, specifically through shadow play. They are the grand champion of Asia's Got Talent and they won their way up to the grand finals by performing their last piece with a tribute to mother nature. It showcased the daily activities we do to destroy the environment; illegal hunting, dynamite fishing, driving cars, mismanaged waste disposal, and illegal logging. As a result of these shameful activities, they showed the effects – the earthquakes and floods. It's a very poignant performance and people were moved to tears. EL GAMMA PENUMBRA channeled the message on the immediate need to stop such activities to prevent misery from the destructive and fatal effects. They won not just the grand championship, but also the hearts of many people all over the world. One of the judges, Anggun Cipta Sasmi, an Indonesian and French singer, mentioned, "And tonight you raise awareness on how important Mother Nature is. You know what, our job as entertainers, we are here to entertain people. If you can, we can, raise awareness on subjects that really matters, that makes our job more noble..."

Watch EL GAMMA PENUMBRA’s performance here,

Certainly, art makes its way through changing the hearts of people. Shadow play is only one of the many ways to show our love and desire to protect our environment through art. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations can be influential mediums as well. There is such a thing called "Environmental Art" and "Eco-artists." We certainly should admire JANET GLATZ whose paintings are themed with contemporary realism containing environmentally pointed messages. As well as DEBI WALLER, an eco-artist, who uses natural and recycled materials for her work ( You will be amazed at the growing number of artists taking a step further in relating art with the environment. Check out these 14 artists who are passionate in making bold statements about the environment ( When it comes to music and poetry, there are abundant and talented artists who desire to reach their message through heartwarming melodies and words. Listen to these classic songs from the "Top 20 Earth Day Songs" ( There's also a huge list of environmental songs when you search them online, you will be overwhelmed.

Just last week, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) released the "2015 Global Challenges Youth Music Contest." The main objective of this contest is "…to establish an innovative communication channel for young people to highlight climate action and contribute to the positive momentum towards the achievement of a new universal climate change agreement in Paris at the end of the year." Anyone all over the world can participate! Join the contest now (

Indeed, art can make a movement, even a revolution. Let's help promote art in increasing awareness to battle climate change. Through different forms of art, we can appreciate the beauty and importance of the earth more. We recognize how much we should give our time and effort to protect our home because this is where we learn to express our passions, beliefs, love and talents, which has the power to make a difference in this world.


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