Convenience vs Impact: Bottled Water

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Water! It's a resource we cannot live without. It maintains our environments and keeps us hydrated! We often turn to the convenient and glorified commodity of bottled water to quench our thirst. It is portrayed as a healthy drink in opposition to our sugary soft drinks and juices. It is also marketed as a pristine and magnificent source of clean spring water.

Now, are you being fooled?! Bottled water can often come from your local municipality, aka tap water. The campaign against tap water to push consumers to drink bottled water has been incredibly convincing. Check out what the Council of Canadians have to say in regards to the industry myths of bottled water here!

Have you ever considered the impact bottled water has on our planet? In the US alone 8.45 billion gallons of bottled water were consumed in 2009 (Food and Water Watch). Now where do all of these plastic bottles go once we consume that refreshing liquid inside? For us environmentalists out there we think, our recycling depot!! Instead up to 75% of empty plastic bottles end up scouring our beautiful lakes, streams and oceans (Food and Water Watch). As an alternative why wouldn't we go back to the good ole days of the 3R's, remember the first one? REDUCE! Make the choice to have a reusable bottle with you at all times.

There are many reasons for drinking tap water over bottled water beyond the benefits to our environment. It's important to support the move away from the privatization of our resources and guaranteeing access for all to clean and refreshing water! Canada has an amazing public drinking system and is safer and regulated more than bottled water. Does this make you re-think that 2-3 bucks you spend on a bottle of water when you can receive safer and just as delicious water right from your own tap? It's time to take back the tap! Take the pledge with Food and Water Watch to take back the tap here! ( )

By not choosing bottled water you are making a huge impact on the planet. It is truly the only way to fully reduce your impact in both our landfills and our environment.


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