How to love Mother Earth on Earth Day?

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How do you define love? If you ask me, love is selfless to that point wherein one would give everything without asking anything in return. Being generous demonstrates love. When we love, we continuously express affection and care to show what we truly feel. We help our loved ones become better persons. Also, we do not wish them harm; instead, we protect and provide for them. Have you experienced this kind of love? I have. I feel the love of our Mother Earth.

She helps me live day by day by providing me enough water to drink and bathe. She makes me experience the warmth of the sun to keep me from the cold and provides me light to brighten my day. Indeed our Mother earth provides for you and me without asking anything in return. Did you ever think of it that way? Many of us ignore her love for us and some don’t even appreciate everything she has given us. Worse, we abuse her because of the abundance of wealth she brings. And yet, Mother Earth still gives, still provides for us until she has nothing more to give.

Let me to tell you a story.

One lovely Sunday, I spent my afternoon sitting down by the Rhine River. I watched the day go by feeling the sun’s light and warmth on my skin. I leant and relaxed by a tree, which had provided me comfort in its shade. And in some bushes, far behind me, were vibrant colored flowers beginning to bloom allowing me to appreciate more color and hope in life. As I looked up, I witnessed this unfamiliar fruit grouped in two’s, growing between the branches of the tree. And when I look left and right, I saw the long stretch of water slowly dancing through the river. I breathed in heavily and exhaled out as the wind passed, gently touching my skin. “What a beautiful day, indeed,” I murmured. I realized how privileged we are to have all of these everyday without spending a cent. All of these, free for us. At this point, I appreciated our environment even more. I fell in love with what it’s providing for you and me. All of us should learn how to love our environment more. We should realize the importance of what it gives us and not abuse it. We should take good care of it because we do take care of the ones we love and are important in our lives. We live not to destroy it, but to protect and make it better. That’s what we should do for our Mother earth.

In order to understand, awareness is the key. Did you know that based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “Taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time,” ( The destruction is happening now and the consequences from the past are evidently seen and felt by many. To know more about the consequences of climate change read on “The current and future consequences of global change” by NASA (

Because of our wrong doings, ignorance and greed in wealth and power, we destroy our Mother Earth.

One day, we might not be able go outside our homes due to the extreme temperature that can hurt our skin and damage our health. There might be no more trees to protect us and give us shade. No more flowers to brighten our days and lesser fruits to eat. No more clean water to drink and bathe. And the oxygen we used to freely take in would be too polluted that we would need a device to filter the air around us. Oh how I dread that day! I can hardly imagine this! But with what we are doing now, it’s not as far ahead as you think it is. It’s a nightmare to think about it! The one facing the consequences of our deeds are the people of tomorrow. These are our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. And if we continue to ignore the destruction of our environment, tomorrow might become today.

On this day, April 22nd, let us celebrate Earth Day together! Let’s love this earth more and more! We only have one. Let’s act upon it now by participating in simple ways to start helping climate change, for instance, would be the reduction of carbon footprint. I recommend reading this article on resolutions to help the environment (

How nice would it be for the future generation to experience a better and conducive environment to live in? It is possible, if we express our love for our planet by protecting and taking good care of it today and the days to come. We need to act now. We don’t want our future generation to ask: “What did our forefathers do to our earth? Why did they not do anything to save it? How can they allow this to happen? How could they not even care?”

Look outside! Appreciate your Earth and its environment now. Oh, how beautiful and breathtaking our home is. Mother Earth could only give so much. The earth’s resources are not everlasting and unlimited. We have scarce natural resources already because of our selfishness and abuse. We are killing mother earth. This is not how we should repay her generosity and definitely not the way to show our love for her. Would you destroy the one you love or protect it? It’s your choice. Make the right one.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!!!


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