Save fuel: 7 tips to save money and save the earth

Your car takes from your wallet, how to keep more of that money for yourself? Save fuel with these 7 simple car maintenance tips and you'll immediately see the benefits on your gas bill all while helping to protect the environment.

There are cheaper and more eco friendly ways to get around like a bike, a skateboard, or a carbon-neutral pony. But for now, you’re on four wheels. Keep an eye on these key areas of your vehicle and you'll be able to improve fuel efficiency starting today.

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Choosing your waste footprint


"Why would you deprive yourself?" This is an understandable question that I often read on the polite, half-hidden grimaces of those who suddenly realize that I am pursuing a zero waste lifestyle. Soon the looks of concern fade as I explain how much I love my lifestyle and the unexpected benefits. Yet, I can sometimes feel the distance between us grow as if they are placing me into the ‘radical’ box in their mind in order to avoid self-examination. Thankfully, that is not always how it goes. Often, my reassurance and enthusiasm draw people into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Surprisingly Big Feet: Why your pet’s carbon footprint matters and what you can do to reduce it

Surprisingly Big Feet:  Why your pet’s carbon footprint matters and what you can do to reduce it

For so many people our pets are a part of the family. We care for them, worry about them, watch them grow and enjoy their personalities, and sadly, mourn them when we have to say goodbye. They are very much a part of our lives but it’s easy to over look the impact the often the hairiest member of the family can have, not just in terms of our carbon footprint, but also in terms of our perspective. Despite all we do for them, oddly sometimes we seem to forget our pets when it comes to making sustainable choices.

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Fast Fashion: Environmental and social impact

Fast Fashion and its environmental and social impact

For years, my favorite store has been Forever 21. Low prices and cute trendy clothing appealed to me. As a young adult, I could only afford clothes at bargain prices and didn’t give much thought into making an investment in terms of what I put on my body. I soon fell in love with H&M. A store who’s clothing was also cheap and trendy. They carried more professional clothing which worked as I was in college and needing clothes for interviews. Fast forward and I now have a closet of clothes made entirely out of synthetic fibers.

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Books vs ebooks: Protect the environment with this simple decision

Books vs ebooks: Protect the environment with this simple decision

When talking about the books vs ebooks debate, often you'll hear people say that ebooks and ereaders help protect the environment. Let's do the math for ourselves and see what the possible advantages of ebooks are over traditional books.

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