Drive less

Drive less

For many people, a large part of their direct emissions are created by using their car. One of the most common uses of a person's car is to get to work. By using public transportation, carpooling, biking or walking instead of your car you can make enormous reductions in the amount of emissions you cause everyday.

If these methods of transportation are not an option then try changing your driving habits. Even if you have purchased a small car, when you drive at speeds over 95 km/h you greatly reduce your cars advertised fuel efficiency. Apart from this, sharp accelerations and idling also reduce fuel efficiency. That's why avoiding rush hour and driving all together if possible is a great way to reduce emissions.

Carpooling: Using the HOV lane will be your best career decision yet

Carpool: Using the HOV lane will be your best career decision yet

When you drive alone, it's finally “you time”. It's nice being alone with your thoughts. Playing whatever music you want. Some space and time for you. Just a way to make a gap between the different roles in life. The problem with driving solo is that it's you who has to deal with the stress of it all. Bad driving conditions, bad traffic and bad drivers. What if there was a easier way? Carpooling and using the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane can change your commute into real “you time”.

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Save fuel: 7 tips to save money and save the earth

Your car takes from your wallet, how to keep more of that money for yourself? Save fuel with these 7 simple car maintenance tips and you'll immediately see the benefits on your gas bill all while helping to protect the environment.

There are cheaper and more eco friendly ways to get around like a bike, a skateboard, or a carbon-neutral pony. But for now, you’re on four wheels. Keep an eye on these key areas of your vehicle and you'll be able to improve fuel efficiency starting today.

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How green is the future of self-driving cars?

Experts predict self-driving cars will make up 75% of vehicles on the road by 2040. Research has been around for more than 40 years, but the concept is now within reach as executives at top companies such as Google, Tesla Motors, and Mercedes-Benz, amongst many others, plan to launch self-driving cars by 2020.

Currently transportation accounts for about 26% of total US greenhouse gas emissions, the second largest contributor after Electricity. With a wave of driverless vehicles imminent, the big questions is: Will these cars reduce or increase emissions?

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Téo Taxi: An electric revolution for Montreal's taxis

Téo Taxi: An Electric Revolution for Montreal's Taxis

If you reside in the city of Montreal, you may have noticed those intriguing green and white cars from Téo taxi driving up and down the metropolitan area. It is with excitement that business man Alexandre Taillefer’s new Téo Taxi project has come to life. Téo stands for Transport Écologique Optimisé, or Optimized Green Transportation, fitting the main purpose of the business venture. The idea is originally created in order to present an ecological alternative to taxis, and provide a better working climate in the industry.

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The next big step, how do we green the green economy?

Since the Paris Climate Summit in November of 2015 there has been quite a bit of conversation as to what the next big step is. We want to do something about climate change and 175 countries have signed the Paris Agreement, but now that the promises have been made, we have to begin to fulfill them.

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Why city-dwellers do have time to exercise

Vigorously hurried days are commonplace in the city, and getting in a workout is often the last thing on our extensive to-do lists. But what if exercise wasn’t a line-item to check-off? What if exercise was the means of checking everything else off? Now, before you run away, (after all, that would also be exercise), let me assure you I don’t mean mini-workouts. This is not a guide for “15 Minutes to a Toned Abs.” Phew! Walk away from the spandex, and put on your favorite lived-in shoes.

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