Success stories

Success stories

These success stories feature creative ways individuals have created an impact to the environment in their community or beyond. We wanted to share their stories, understand what motivated them to create what they did and how they encourage others to help by example. Get inspired by real-life success stories about people who started out just like you with the goal to fight climate change.

Solar Roadways and their Positive Environmental Impact

Imagine a road that has an LED display that flashes warning signals to drivers, or roads that absorb and store sunlight as an energy source, and provide solar energy to surrounding homes and businesses. While this sounds like the setting to a futuristic Sci-Fi movie, we may be driving on roads just like this in the near future. Fossil Fuels and climate change have been major topics of discussion for the last several decades, and Solar Roadways may have the potential to mitigate these issues, and more, on a large scale.

Read time: 3 mins


Going Green in Education: Tablets and Digital Literacy

In Vancouver, British Columbia, schools have begun to replace textbooks by supplying information online and in digital file formats. Many teachers use blog sites to connect with students - posting relevant information, and referring students to assignment requirements. Additionally, the growth of online education, particularly within Vancouver Learning Network, has also enabled many students to take digitally based courses in their desired subject areas.

Read time: 5 mins


The Humane Society: helping the environment by protecting livestock and urban wildlife!

The Humane Society of the United States of America (HSUS) may seem like it only rescues cats and dogs, but it is an organization that also promotes environmental protection! As the HSUS helps farm animals and horses, it creates a positive impact on the environment.

The HSUS works to shut down factory farms, and this helps protect the environment for people and animals in quite a few ways.

Geoffrey Orme-Evans, Public Policy Program Manager, Humane Society International responded:

Read time: 4 mins


Creative Impact - Ogden’s End Community Garden

A community garden is any piece of land, public or private, where plants are grown and maintained by a group of individuals in the community and Community gardens may produce food for individual consumption or food for sale, may be designed for beautification of the community, and/or may be used for educational purposes, as defined by Public Health Law Centre.i

Read time: 2 mins



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