Eco-fashion, the fashion industry's answer to help combat climate change?

There is a strong relationship between fashion and climate change, the fashion industry has a direct impact on our environment. The billion dollar fashion and apparel industry is the one of the largest polluters of our clean water supply. The fashion industry uses extensive amounts of the Earth's natural resources, such as water (second largest industry user of water) cotton and other raw materials. Approximately 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the globe to turn raw materials into the textiles that are used to make our clothes and accessories.

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Why city-dwellers do have time to exercise

Vigorously hurried days are commonplace in the city, and getting in a workout is often the last thing on our extensive to-do lists. But what if exercise wasn’t a line-item to check-off? What if exercise was the means of checking everything else off? Now, before you run away, (after all, that would also be exercise), let me assure you I don’t mean mini-workouts. This is not a guide for “15 Minutes to a Toned Abs.” Phew! Walk away from the spandex, and put on your favorite lived-in shoes.

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Energy, the invisible water guzzler

World Water Day is a global event hosted by the UN in order to spread awareness on water related issues. This year, the theme of World Water Day is “Water and Jobs”. Half of the world’s population works in a water-related industry, and most jobs depend on the accessibility to clean, safe water. The main message this year revolves around protecting Earth’s water resources and, in turn, protecting our own livelihoods.

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Home is Where the Carbon Isn’t

Since Al Gores’ An Inconvenient Truth made its debut in 2006, the move towards a sustainable way of living has become a widespread phenomenon, penetrating the ethos of individuals and communities. Even before the turn of the twenty-first century, many non-for-profit organizations, environmental coalitions and the like, have been spreading the word about climate change and the associated effects humans are causing to planet earth, especially as it relates to carbon remittance.

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Green your workplace – sustainable business starts with you!

Recognizing the many benefits of sustainable business practices (e.g. financial savings, enhanced brand, increased employee morale), organizations are increasingly adopting environmental measures ranging from greening office habits, to overhauling their workplaces into state-of-the-art “ecotastic offices.”

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