Reducing the number of cars in our driveway, do the pros outweigh the cons?

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Do you actually need two-three cars in your garage? Or your family might easily survive with one car as well? Those of you who have two or more than two cars, have you ever thought about sharing a car or downsizing to just one. Many of you who have more than two cars in your family, how much you drive all of your cars. I have seen people who hardly ever drive their second car. It’s usually just sitting there for days or even weeks at a time without being used in their garage or parking lots.

There are many upsides of Downsizing to one car and it’s not just all about money. For example, fewer cars mean less driving. You’re reducing carbon footprint per family. On an average, one gallon of gas creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide and the average car emits about 5-6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year [1,4]. And, if you own two or more than two cars just imagine the amount of carbon dioxide you’re emitting alone every year with your cars out there.

Not only this, if you have only one car, you can save tons of money on car insurance and maintenance. For example, a family may save up to $3,850 a year on things like gas, insurance, car maintenance just by downsizing to one car [2]. You and your family can spend more time together. In the events, when you do need a second car, you can always go for public transportation, biking, walking or carpooling.

Have you noticed changes in transportation pattern over the past few decades? Over the years, the definition of economic well-being has changed. Have you ever thought about the role that the number of cars per family plays in influencing public perceptions? If not, maybe it’s time to give it a thought.

As I said earlier, think do we actually need all those cars in your family, I myself downsized and become a one car family. Back then, people used to have one vehicle per family and they all manage to go everywhere on time without complaining. When I was a kid, my dad had only one scooter. In the morning, we all used to get ready together and then he dropped me and my brother to school, then he dropped my mom to her activity center and then go to his office and in the evening he picked up my mom on his way back and then me and my brother. We never felt the urge of having more vehicles for our work and routine. All you need is proper management and time schedule. So, be creative with the arrangements.

There are many websites on which you can calculate your carbon dioxide emissions from different activities and sources [3]. You yourself can see how much difference it will make just by downsizing to one car. Think green, cut your emissions and save the environment.

So, give it a thought to downsizing to one car !!!

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