Simple tips

Simple tips

Everyone knows the key to fighting climate change and being more green is lowering your carbon footprint. Sounds simple enough, but keeping greenhouse gas emissions in mind during the regular course of your day can be anything but simple. But don't worry the road to being more eco friendly is straighter than you think. Sometimes a few simple tips are all you need to get started. Try these easy ways to fight climate change and soon they will be a part of your everyday life!

Food wasted = Water wasted = Energy wasted = Money wasted = Unecessary

Around the world food is wasted each and every single day. Sometimes it may be unavoidable but there is much we can do to prevent and limit the food we are throwing away. First we must understand where food waste happens and how we can limit our impact and change the way we eat!

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Protect mature trees and they will protect you...

Urban trees

DID YOU KNOW that mature trees capture more carbon, filter more particulate matter to reduce air pollution, capture more storm-water, mitigate the heat-island effect and also help reduce energy use? (ACTRees, 2014).

The importance of trees tends to go unnoticed by many people today, and often times when I am pruning a tree or creating tree cleaner tree beds many are quick to ask "Why are you doing that?"

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Where To Recycle Batteries?

Cameras, flashlights, handheld games-they all run on batteries. And when those batteries run out, what do you do with them? If you're like most people, you probably just toss them in the trash and put new ones in whatever device you're using. That's the easiest way to dispose of batteries, but it's by no means the best.

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Now everyone can fight climate change. Join the community because together our small changes can make a huge impact.

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