Simple tips

Simple tips

Everyone knows the key to fighting climate change and being more green is lowering your carbon footprint. Sounds simple enough, but keeping greenhouse gas emissions in mind during the regular course of your day can be anything but simple. But don't worry the road to being more eco friendly is straighter than you think. Sometimes a few simple tips are all you need to get started. Try these easy ways to fight climate change and soon they will be a part of your everyday life!

Green Your Home

Home plants

Have you ever thought of initiating a green movement in your home? What about adding some real green stuffs like plants and flowers? It is the easiest way for you to go green and help the environment!

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Driving the eco-friendly way

Traffic jam

It's no secret - or surprise - that cars aren't great for the environment. A simple look at any congested motorway and the amount of exhaust fumes that are produced by each vehicle will tell you that. When a car's motor is running, it emits a wide range of gasses, including carbon dioxide and sulphur oxides, which have long-term adverse impacts on the environment.

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Reuse Kitchen Waste

Peeling pear

Pear peel, apple peel, banana peel, potato peel… You normally discard them right away, do you? Well don’t anymore, because there are other ways that you could reuse them. Kitchen wastes are not garbage anymore!

Pear Peel to Clean Oil Stain in Pots:

If you have any pots at home that have oil stain that you haven’t been able to wash away for ages, try this method! Simply add water and boil it with the pear peel for about 20 minutes. They will turn out like new again!

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The impact of air conditioners

If you’re anything like me, you spend the bulk of the winter months pining for summer. There’s something special about the summer season and the long, hot days that come with it. However, the heat doesn’t appeal to everyone and, as the mercury begins to rise, most people react by reaching for the air conditioning remote. But, while air conditioners may keep the summer sweats away, research indicates they’re not so cool for the environment.

What impact does air-conditioning have on the environment?

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