Use less electricity

Use less electricity

Turning down the air conditioning and heating, switching to renewable energy sources or turning off lights, TVs and computers are great ways to use less electricity and fight climate change. Using programmable thermostats, proper insulation while also sealing leaks and drafts will improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. Changing regular (incandescent) light bulbs to compact fluorescent or LED lights will also help with energy savings.

By using less electricity, you also reduce your personal emissions and help fight global warming all at the same time.

Household Solar Panels: Reducing carbon footprints and electricity bills in the United States

Over the last five years, the United States has experienced a tremendous increase in the usage of solar energy as an alternative renewable energy resource. In 2013, the number of solar installations increased by 42% from 2012 and comprised 29% of all new electrical installations, an increase from the 10% reported in 2012 by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The years preceding continued the trend as 2015 saw a 30% increase from 2014 and an additional $18 billion invested into solar energy technology.

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Tired of a White Winter? Try a Green Winter Instead!

Here we are, at the start of a new year. Already half of January has gone by, and winter is starting to establish its grip in Montreal. Despite temperatures dropping below zero, snow and freezing ice pouring down on us, it is still possible to think about the environment. We can start this New Year by having an eco-friendly winter. All that needs being done is changing a few common winter habits.

Habit: Starting your car/idling

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Environmentally Friendly Cooking Tips

Do you love to cook?? Do you love being environmentally friendly ??? Well there is a way for you to be environmentally friendly while you are cooking!! We have all heard, BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL !! BUT there are more things which you can do in the kitchen and while you are cooking which helps the environment. The environment needs our help and we have to try to do as much as we can to help the environment.

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Heating homes efficiently

With the first substantial snowfall in Montreal last week and temperatures dropping below zero, you might have cranked up the heating at home. In 2009, Canadians spent $26.8 billion on household energy needs, and almost two thirds of this energy was used for space heating. Nearly half of Canadian households used natural gas as their main heating fuel in 2007, emitting not only warmth but also greenhouse gases. Whether it be natural gas, electricity, wood, heating oil or propane, there are a number of ways to prepare your home for winter and to reduce your energy needs.

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Hand Wash Clothes Effortlessly - All While Saving the Earth

Hand Wash Clothes Effortlessly All While Saving the Earth

Trying to hand wash clothes used to be complicated but new products on the market make that super easy. Its gentler on your clothes and also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by almost half a ton. You may be surprised to find out just how satisfying and empowering hand washing your laundry can be! We have come a long way from the old fashioned washboard and communal laundering. The convenience of today’s modern washers and dryers has changed our lives for the better, allowing more time for family and leisure activities.

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Have you tried the five minute shower challenge?

If you watch the news or read the newspaper you will learn about the terrible drought in California. This is the fourth year California is in a severe drought. California Governor Jerry Brown announced a drought State of Emergency in January 2015 and ordered strict conservation measures statewide. On May 5, 2015 California water regulators ordered tough restrictions on residents' use of water. Californians are required to cut their water usage up to 35 percent or they will face harsh fines under proposed new rules.

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