Pacific garbage patch: 6 effortless ways you can make a difference

Pacific garbage patch: 6 effortless ways you can make a difference

The Great Pacific garbage patch is caused by marine debris – the human-made waste that ends up in the ocean. The animals and plants living in the ocean are increasingly more threatened by our waste. Most of this waste (around 60 percent) is estimated to be plastic, but also includes Styrofoam, synthetics, metal, foam and glass. These are not biodegradable materials, and as such remain and cause problems both for the species living in the ocean and the humans who live alongside them. The result is a serious amount of pollution which is very difficult to clean.

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Global warming solutions: Greener lawns with these 2 simple tips

Solutions to global warming: Greener lawns with this simple tip

There are many solutions to global warming and reducing one's carbon footprint but what can homeowners do for their lawns? How can you have a "greener" lawn? There are really two main steps you can take to decrease the carbon emissions of your lawn: reduce its size and transition from a gas-powered mower to an electric or reel mower.

Instead of continuing in the same direction, here are a few things that can be done to minimize the impact.

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How green is the future of self-driving cars?

Experts predict self-driving cars will make up 75% of vehicles on the road by 2040. Research has been around for more than 40 years, but the concept is now within reach as executives at top companies such as Google, Tesla Motors, and Mercedes-Benz, amongst many others, plan to launch self-driving cars by 2020.

Currently transportation accounts for about 26% of total US greenhouse gas emissions, the second largest contributor after Electricity. With a wave of driverless vehicles imminent, the big questions is: Will these cars reduce or increase emissions?

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Téo Taxi: An electric revolution for Montreal's taxis

Téo Taxi: An Electric Revolution for Montreal's Taxis

If you reside in the city of Montreal, you may have noticed those intriguing green and white cars from Téo taxi driving up and down the metropolitan area. It is with excitement that business man Alexandre Taillefer’s new Téo Taxi project has come to life. Téo stands for Transport Écologique Optimisé, or Optimized Green Transportation, fitting the main purpose of the business venture. The idea is originally created in order to present an ecological alternative to taxis, and provide a better working climate in the industry.

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The next big step, how do we green the green economy?

Since the Paris Climate Summit in November of 2015 there has been quite a bit of conversation as to what the next big step is. We want to do something about climate change and 175 countries have signed the Paris Agreement, but now that the promises have been made, we have to begin to fulfill them.

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